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Anime reviews, anime reviews, anime reviews!!! Let’s relive memories and think new thoughts! There’s never enough good sources for anime reviews! Come and offer your opinions on the shows I review! From gut-reaction to academic criticism and everything between, I welcome it all.

Anteiku represents a haven from the outside world for those who wish to partake of it. Anime is like that already for most people. Here at Anteiku Anime Reviews, imagine it as such. My posts will always be about anime, and will never touch on real-world current events, etc. We’re here to get away from such things. Just as Kaneki could avoid the trouble of the outside world by coming to Anteiku, so here we shall offer the same.

Please keep in mind, reviews are written after seeing a show, and are usually aimed at others who have watched the show. As such there WILL BE SPOILERS for those who haven’t seen the reviewed shows. Be aware of that as you browse. I’ll try to keep spoilers out of the early parts of the reviews so they don’t appear in the samples below, etc.


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Yona of the Dawn

As the sun rises at dawn, so we rise to join in life. Or to join in battle. So Yona rises before us like the sun which burns life into our world. So Yona shines onto all around her, standing at the head of men who would not readily swear allegiance to even a powerfulContinue reading “Yona of the Dawn”

School Days

You’re watching this show, and you feel for these poor kids. They make their lives very difficult, and make tons of bad choices. But you’re experienced. You’ve seen these sad romantic shows. Somehow it will all work out in the end. Not this time!

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